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How media affects private life? In the modern world, media have become an omnipotent presence influencing and even deciding the way people live, and experience life. The modes of communication through media abound now with televisions, mobile phones, internet, multimedia interfaces, films, and so on.


Similarly, Baym has pointed out in yet another example that “all of this happens in a cultural moment when individualism is increasingly defined through consumerist practices of purchasing mass mediated and branded products” (5). The above discussed two examples are cited as they are highly representative of the effects that media have on private life. The characteristics of new media technologies to enter the personal realm has been going on increasing in scope and strength. For example, earlier television technology was one-way only thereby keeping the role of the viewer limited to being a passive spectator. But when live television broadcasts became technologically possible, the viewer could talk back, but also had to partially open up his/her personal space to the media. Later when online communication technologies emerged, this feature of enabling two-way communication got strengthened (Baym, 7). One consequence of such highly interactive media has been the creation of a “sense of placelessness” (Baym, 8). People communicating from very distant places would have a feeling that they were close geographically. Another aspect of this phenomenon is that people have less access to the other person's physical details like location or activity, while communicating (baym, 9). ...
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