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Politics in East London Introduction There are a total of 32 London Boroughs in the “Greater London” that include the boroughs of Hackney, Croydon, Tower Hamlets, and Lewisham in East London (politics.co.uk, 2013). Most of the functions of the local government are performed by the councils of the London boroughs.


This paper discusses the current political system and main challenges encountered by Hackney, Croydon, Tower Hamlets, and Lewisham. Response of the boroughs to the Alternative Vote (AV) The residents of Hackney responded differently to the Alternative Vote (AV) than the common response of the residents of the rest of the three boroughs of East London. While the residents of Lewisham, Croydon, and Tower Hamlets voted against the AV, only Hackney supported the Westminster Electoral system’s reform in the referendum of 2011. According to the statistics noted by Brown (2011), in the electorate’s 34.23 per cent turnout, electoral reforms endorsement in Hackney happened with a majority of 10,905. 39.32 per cent of the people voted against whereas 60.68 per cent of them voted in favor. A turnout of 35.9 per cent was observed in Croydon and most of the residents i.e. 67.01 per cent voted against whereas only 32.99 per cent voted in favor. The response from the residents of Lewisham was much similar to that of Croydon as 50.65 per cent of the residents of Lewisham voted against any alteration in the First Past the Post system. In Tower Hamlets, 54.17 per cent of the residents voted against and the rest voted in favor of choosing a new way to elect Webminster’s MPs. According to the opinion polls, the No Campaign had received a victory across the country. ...
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