Research Essay about regulation of internet as new media enviroment

Research Essay about regulation of internet as new media enviroment Essay example
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Media Censorship in Australia – An Analysis Brief introduction of impact of internet to traditional media The term Internet connotes a specific set of protocols –called as the Internet protocols namely IP/ TCP. Internet has changed the way of life and the way to carry out the business and the style of communication.


Further, as it is offering multiple communication channels, and also transforms the world of business, the marketing styles and creates a new style of commerce. The facility to access the internet through mobile has made it more a convinient form of communication. As of date, many nations are witnessing with high Internet penetrations as the customary newspaper reading and traditional TV-viewing have fallen down considerably. In the late 1990s, the Internet users were of the view that the trustworthiness of on-line information as being analogues to the other information media viz. radio, magazines and televisions. Johnson and Kaye (1998) research study disclosed that Internet users considered on-line political information as more trustworthy than that of customary media counterparts. According to Bucy (2004) study, students were of the view that online and television news as more creditworthy than adults’ viewers. Johnson and Kaye (2004) study exposed that blogs were graded as more trustworthy than customary media sources as interviewers opined that blogs offer more depth and clear analysis than other media outlets. (Stacks & Salwen 2008:394). ...
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