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Journalism, Mass Media and Communication Name Instructor Task Date Introduction We live in a diverse world with different people. People with different personality and characters. In a bid to succeed and survive societal interaction is inevitable (Cook K & Rice).


The theory of social exchange is well demonstrated in the movie the color purple. It is a movie with different characters and demonstrates love, hatred, racism, poverty and sexism. There is a direct link between the theory and the movie as explained below. Social Exchange Theory In-depth Major reason for business set up to any entrepreneur is to make profit. In order to make profits one need to reduce costs and maximize returns. Thus the concept of cost benefit analysis emerges. One need to weigh the cost incurred in relation to benefits derived. In case the cost exceeds the benefits a loss occurs and thus the business is no longer profitable. The same concept applies in social exchange theory. The benefit derived in a relationship is a reward. A reward may be in form of closer ties, promotion at the work place, enhanced relationship and support. In a bid to benefit from these virtues one need to cultivate a culture acceptable with a view of morerewards. An idea that depicts approval is the one that ends up being repeated and vice versa. Aclient who returns for more service is the one has been satisfied with the service provided before. Thus it can be demonstrated whether a particular behavior is bound to be repeated by analyzing degree of returns (approval level) or punishment (disapproval level) as a result of the interaction. In order to demonstrate this following formula is applicable: Profits = interaction rewards –interaction costs. ...
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