Capital Punishment Essay

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Capital punishment is the death penalty which deals with the execution of the convicted criminal by the state and the punishment for such crimes are for capital crimes or capital offences. Capital punishment is one of the oldest forms of punishment given by a state and has been known for execution of criminals and political opponents to punish and suppress crime or even political dissent.


In China, the death penalty could be given for corruption and other serious offences. In countries where capital punishment has been banned, the punishment is usually considered as a human rights issue and opponents of capital punishment argue that capital punishment does not deter criminals and the poor or minority are sometimes wrongfully convicted.
In certain countries that retain capital punishment, delay between the actual verdict given and the execution carried out could go for many years as the convicted person would be allowed to go through many tribunals although excessive delay can also lead to basic human rights violation3. Most prisoners appeal against the death sentence due to the survival instinct although such a struggle may itself be a basic human rights violation that would prohibit cruelty in any form4. The death row phenomenon as this is called could pressurise states to modify their procedures or even abandon capital punishment.
Supporters of capital punishment argue that such form of punishment would deter crime and would be an appropriate punishment for murder. ...
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