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Essay example - Migration in United Kingdom

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The paper would seek to analyze the immigration policies that are currently prevailing in the United Kingdom for the asylum seekers. Whether these policies are meant in fact to cater to the needs to the asylum seekers and whether they can differentiate between those who are genuine applicants and the bogus ones…

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However, asylum seekers cannot be mistaken for refugees. In the year 2002, it was found that from 84, 130 applications 10 percent were refugees, 24 percent were granted exceptional level and the remaining amount were refused both.( McConnachie 2005)
This paper would seek to analyze the role of the immigration policies in regard to the asylum seekers. At present, the United Kingdom is facing a major crisis in regard to illegal immigration. In fact, from the year 19991 to the year 2001 alone, immigration made up more than half of Britain's population growth. An institute for Public Policy Research study of the 2001 census calculated a 2.2 m rise, including 1.14 m born abroad.
Westminster is recognized as the official law making authority regarding matters such as immigration and asylum issues in regard to Britain and those that happen outside the European Union enabling control and allowing control over the borders.
The United Kingdom provides an automatic right to asylum as it has signed the UN convention. A lengthy legal process has to be initiated in order for the determination of the status of application. ...
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