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Essay example - Criminal Justice System

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Crime prevention is the application of Criminal Justice System (CJS) in response to the criminal violations in order to retain a crime free society, and for this purpose CJS adopts and applies particular analytical methods to collect data for the purpose of criminal investigation or criminal research…

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When organisations and individuals work together for the same purpose and upholds the same responsibilities, the system formed is known as a crime prevention system.
One cannot deny the contribution and effectiveness of police but public perceptions view and claim that police make only minimal contributions to crime prevention in the context of far more powerful social institutions, like the family and labour markets. The fact appears to lie in between. This is to admit that police prevents crime by focusing on its prioritised objectives, tasks, places, times and people but this is also a fact that putting police where serious crime is concentrated, at the times it is most likely to occur. (Farrington et al, 2002, p. 295) Therefore police force is only a small part of CJS and not the only one to contribute towards an error free society.
Violent crime includes robbery, homicide, serial violent crime, assault, and rape. It is named violent as it is conducted by the use of arms, weapons and force. Some of them have profit as a motive while others involve revenge or fulfilment of a psychological drive. Another commonality to violent crimes is that they include various events and have the potential to leave physical evidence. (Peterson, 1994, p. 89) However the leftovers of physical evidence is not necessary.
Violent ...
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