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Nuclear technology seems to be something every country around the globe is aspiring to acquire the ability to produce. Many scientists believe that nuclear energy is far safer and even cheaper than the use of power through electricity. However, developing it is not as simplistic as the idea sounds.


These are all very crucial points that are focused on in the body of this research. There is the utilization of many books and journal articles to bring a scholarly interpretation into the idea of developing nuclear energy. The conclusion that is evidently reached is split 50/50 as there are pro's and con's to a conceptualization such as this. Until the entire known obstacles can be minimized and proper ways for the disposal of left over nuclear waste can be correctly implemented then it is not something that the world considers very ideal and useful. However, the final points this research discovered was that, the many adversities posed by this technology have not prevented a percentage of countries from continuing their studies in turning uranium and other radioactive materials to energy. In fact, it showed some countries are on the verge of fine tuning this very type of energy, but is it in the best interest of the world
The idea of nuclear power capabilities has been being experimented with for a number of years now. ...
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