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Essay example - Legal System

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The aim of the research of this paper is evaluate the importance of law, its essays. How many kinds of laws are being used in the world Although the purpose of these laws is the same in the world but are known and understood differently. International laws and rules are accepted around the world with the same purpose and aim like trade agreements, security agreements and treaties…

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The lack of education or literacy rate in a country could lead it to the high crime rate among young people that provides incentives for committing crimes due to instable economical situation. With the provision of education in the people the rule of law may be strengthen. The primary and secondary educations are very important in this regard; they work as a base for the future education of an individual. We should strengthen the legal system and provide education to the people for strengthening the society.
To provide a crackdown on the crimes and to eliminate unhealthy tendencies in the society we should understand the importance of law and the matters falling in the purview of the law should be left to the judicial institutions. It is not legal for an individual to directly concern himself with such matters. One should be careful about inner discipline. Legal problems should be left on the shoulders of the state and the government to decide. If an individual intervenes in everything than it would be very difficult for the people to understand the importance and integrity of the law. Violations of laws disturb the society, self-personality, family and friends. ...
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