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Essay example - Promoting Rights of Children in Ghana

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Theoretical Framework

The theories used serve as a theoretical lens for the study questions as well as a means

to provide broad explanation (Creswell 2003). The major theories on which the study was

based are the attachment theory and the ecological theory of human development.

Extract of sample

Ecological systems theory

The ecology of human development theory as propounded by Bronfenbrenner has

defined as the ” mutual accommodation between an active, growing human being and the

changing properties of the immediate settings in which the developing individual person

lives”. In accordance with this theory, the child is envisaged as developing within a

complex system of relationships affected by multiple levels of the environment

surrounding the child. In Ghana, this has been complicated by HIV/AIDS,children are

experiencing death pf parents at an early age and are taken care of by other foster


Attachment theory

Development and emotional functioning of children occurs in a context of relationships

(Bronfenbrenner 1979,Osofsky 2004). Children depend on their caretakers as sources of

protection and safety.

Aims and research questions:

The aims of our research and the questions that we want to answer through the

research are as follows:

• Are NGOs actually helping children to progress in any way?
• In what ways are children being helped?
• What are the aspects of life of the children that are affected by the NGOs?
• To prove that NGOs are needed not only for orphan kids but also for kids who have parents taking care of them.
• To prove NGO workers and volunteers are sometimes more effective in child welfare than the Government or police.

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