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Retail Law

The UK law is applicable when selling or leasing goods or services, that are used by individual consumers, family or the household uses. Retailers are prohibited from applying dishonesty, misrepresentations or falsified operations and practices. This act ensures that goods and services sold to the customer are in good condition. On the other hand this act ensures that the retailers make sure that they receive goods from manufacturers or wholesales in good condition for them to sale to the end user.
The laws in UK calls for the retail business person to affix a sign to the products sold or put a sign in a place which it can be easily be read by the buyer before he/she can purchase the product. The sign placed should be able to give details of return policy of the seller. If the seller fails to place a sign then, the consumer should be given 20 days in which he/she can return the purchase item and be fully refunded or credited back on his/her credit card. In case a buyer had paid using a cheque, then a seller may delay refunding the money for 10 days to allow the cheque to clear. This law do not apply to products which are outdated. ...
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There are many laws that govern the buying and selling of products in a business. These laws specifically the rights of the consumers are outlined in various acts and laws. The most common are the misrepresentation Act of 1967, Trade Description Act of 1968, the Unfair contract Terms Act of 1977, the 1979 Sale of Goods Act, the Consumer Protection Act of 1987, the Sale and Supply of Goods Act of 1994 and the Sale and Supply of Goods to Consumers Regulations of 2002…
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