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The Criminal law system

This means that even those who enact laws or promulgate policies are not exempt from the objective purpose of the law-that anyone who commits any crime or aggression must be brought before the courts of justice and be given fair and impartial trial according to non-arbitrary legal procedures.
Justice, in the strictest essence of the word, means that all men are equal under the aegis of the law and have the opportunity to develop and to achieve free from state compulsion and threats and intimidation of others. If a person's right is violated and that the law penalizes such violation committed by another, the state may step in to protect the rights of the aggrieved and penalize the aggressor. This, in effect, is the role of criminal justice system
There are main major components of criminal justice system. These are the following-1) the existence of law enforcement; 2) the establishment of courts of justice; 3) and the existence of clear objective penalties. ...
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Without justice there can be no just, safe and progressive society. It is an indispensable function of a government to promote justice and defend the freedoms of its citizens. In protecting the rights of the people, a government has to institute and strengthen its systems and institutions designed to prevent and mitigate crimes, maintain social control and ensure peace and order…
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