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feminist Legal Theory

The paper will examine the portions that constitute these two aspects and what makes them interconnected. In other words, an examination of how legal feminism as a concept affects feminist legal research will be done.
Feminist legal scholars argue for a renewed dimension of research. They claim that gender recognitions had not been made in the past and that there is a need for adoption of a different phenomenon known as emancipator research. In other words, they are claiming that legal work needs to reflect the challenges affected by both sexes rather than merely focusing on the needs and perspectives of a universal experience. Radical legal feminists argue that men's experiences have always been treated as neutral or universal while female experiences are regarded as private or even negative. Consequently, these groups of legal feminists claim that there should be a radical transformation in law by accepting and changing power roles in the profession.1
Feminist research in law has been treated as something that lacks objectivity by opponents to this phenomenon. However, legal feminist researchers claim that objectivity is in fact a term coined by non feminists in an attempt to hide women's own subjectivity in law. Consequently, these proponents argue that research should not be treated as devoid off subjects. ...
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Feminism has been part of society for over a century. This phenomenon was responsible for social change through challenging the inherent biases and oppressions against women. However, in the field of law, feminism became an instrumental aspect only after the Critical Legal Studies movement in the nineteen eighties…
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