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Aligning Adoption Law

Given this dogma, one wonders how the severance of the above-referenced child's ties to her grandmother is truly taking all aspects of her welfare into consideration. The above ruling also begs the question of whether or not the court proceeding was in keeping with section 8 of the European Convention on the Protection of Human and Fundamental Freedoms 1950. Indeed, Diduck and Kaganas may be correct in their statement that "the complete replacement of one family with another may be out of step with human rights ideals. It may also be out of step with changing family practice' (Diduck and Kaganas, 2006).
Current adoption laws in the United Kingdom stem from the Adoption Act of 1976, which was revised under the Children's Act of 1989. Further amendments were created with the Adoption and Children Act of 2002 and the Children and Adoption Act of 2006.
From the time of the Adoption of Children Act in 1926, the majority of children adopted in the United Kingdom were infants. There was an explosion of abandoned infants after World War I. Women having affairs with soldiers while either unmarried or with husbands away at war led to many illegitimate births. ...
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Earlier this year, the court dismissed an appeal made by the grandmother of a child who had been put up for adoption. The grandmother had been caring for the child for the past three years. The court refused to name her 'Special Guardian' of the child. Further, they denied her request for a contact order to be added to the adoption order…
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