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Essay example - Employment Law Assignment

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A legal agreement between an employer and an employee entailing certain reciprocal responsibilities is termed as an employment contract. This contract comes into force the moment that the employee commences work in accordance with the terms set by the employer…

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The employees should receive this statement not later than two months from the date of commencement of employment. It should contain the names of the employer and employee, date of commencement of employment2; rate and periodicity of remuneration, terms and conditions of the working hours, entitlement to holidays, terminal benefits, length of notice that the employee has to either receive or give if termination of employment is desired, job title of the employee3, etc. There is no restriction on the method of payment to be made to employees. Moreover, these methods are to be negotiated between the employer and the employees. However, if the agreed upon method of payment is subsequently altered by the employer and if such a departure leads to financial loss for the employee, then the employee is entitled to prefer a claim in respect of breach of contract.
Nevertheless, the statute makes available to employees, the right to protection from unauthorized deductions from their wages and such protection is applicable even to persons working on a contract basis or as apprentices. Moreover, such protection has been extended to Crown servants and persons working on board a ship registered in the UK. Moreover, employers are well within their rights to make statutory deductions like those relating to income tax or insurance. ...
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