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Company law includes the body of legal rules relating to the creation, management, financing and operation of companies. These rules have developed to protect investors, maintain confidence in the market and attempt to ensure that fairness is achieved for the various stakeholders connected to a company…

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for over 20 years.
Generally the company law recognizes two types of persons, namely natural which id confined to human beings and secondly artificial persons which refers anything other than the human being which the law recognizes as having duties and rights. Scholars have constantly explored the issue on the recognition of corporation/company as a "legal person" (Farrar, (1991) (1) A company, when legally speaking, is an association of a number of individuals for the purpose of carrying on some legitimate business i.e. entity for profit which may be a corporation, a partnership, association or individual proprietorship. It is the name given to the body of legal rules relating to the creation, management, financing and operation of companies.
The various status of companies, like separate legal entity, limited liability etc has been contributed a number of recognition for English law, by which a company as well as its members possess some rights and liabilities.
organizations such as religious orders and local authorities which were granted rights by the government to hold property and sue and be sued in their own right and not to have to rely on the rights of the members behind the organization. Later on this concept began to apply to commercial ventures with a public interest element such as rail building ventures
Farrar (Co ...
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