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Construction Management 'Contract Law'

However, it might also be noted that most of the issues in the building industry has already been faced by many and need not be learnt by us or that there is no need to foresee the problems and produce a document catering to all the nuances of the business. It is better and easier and many times more accurate to adopt and alter the existing standard construction agreements for our own benefit, if needed. RIBA 2005 is the new set of documents that is available for construction companies and builder to make up contracts with every one of the sub contractors.
Construction contracts are more in line with the expectations of the construction industry. Most of the standard forms cater to the complete requirement of the project. This also specifies the forms that get used during the process to ensure that the work is reported back to the main contractor in right earnest. Most of the contract agreements not just specify the terms of the agreement legally, but also specify other formats that become day-to-day reporting formats and for metrics of the project and its progress.
There are formats that are looked at as 'one with the contractor's design'. The contractors' design and the execution would go together in the case of the project. ...
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There is a need to have a defined contract with the architect for the deliverables that is expected off him. In order to ensure that either of the parties works in unison and they have understood each other in complete, contracts need to be drawn. Contracts are drawn also to finalise the understanding between the parties under consideration…
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