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Case Study example - Contract Law in Marketing Programs

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Case Study
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Contract law inside a marketing program is well defined in the U.K. as in an updated government documentation in 1998 that is explanative in what is allowable inside all contracts and revocation of offers presented by the organisation offering schema. This paper will look at one such company, British Gas Trading, respecting their marketing plan and how it is applicable to contract law…

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There are many aspects of contract law that form the common law entity in individual countries. Within the United Kingdom there are basic issues addressed within the basic common law contract which include: when and how is a contract formed, when may a party escape obligations of a contract (such as a contract formed under duress or because of a misrepresentation), what is the meaning and effect to be given to the terms of a contract, and, what is the remedy to be given for a breach of contract.1
Within the contract itself, there is the need to have a few explanatives inside the contract which includes an offer of acceptance, consideration and contractual intention for a simple contract to exist, otherwise no consideration is needed. This inclusion of consideration in a contract formation is important to be in place otherwise no consideration will be in place. A consideration under English Law is defined as "a very controversial doctrine comprising a series of sub rules which purport to govern when a promise made by one party may be enforced by the party to whom the promise is made. ...
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