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Comparstive law - Essay Example

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The paper aims to understand the meaning and the concepts related to the comparative law. Besides it also provides an in detail description about different legal principles and its applications at various situations concerning the contract law…

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Comparstive law

The paper aims to understand the meaning and the concepts related to the comparative law. Besides it also provides an in detail description about different legal principles and its applications at various situations concerning the contract law. This is done by resolving a case study which revolves around three parties – the lessor, the lessee and the contractor. The paper is divided into two sub sections: the first section specifies the definition, meaning and relevance of the comparative law. It identifies and defines the
various clauses and legal principles related to the comparative law. The second section of the paper deals with the case study – an overview of the case, description of the parties involved, legal principles related to the different situations arising in the case and providing a solution in accordance with the contract law clauses and cases. The paper concluded with a general observation on which law would be best suited to resolve the case had it been a real life scenario. All the references to the cases are derived from the books mentioned in the bibliography at the end of the report. In order to appraise the development and use of comparative law in the modern world, it is necessary to examine the nature, scope and its origin. Traditionally, comparative law has been comparative law of legal orders. This means that it is still pre determined by the tradition of 19th-century legal thought, where law is seen a system of positive legal orders. ...
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