Organized Crime Groups in UK

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The world has witnessed deaths of some of the big fish in governments or in popular circles with no proper explanations where the claims made for executions are dubbed assassinations. Terror gangs often make deadly attacks on innocent victims and what the lay man fails to understand why perpetrators of the victims are often freed with or without trials only for them to commit crimes again.


If this the case then, who operates/ manages the affairs of these groups How are members recruited to join the groups Where do the finances for running the operations come from How are the gangs organized on such large scales to a point of attracting national or regional membership and loyalty to the group's operations The explanations to all the above questions may be hard to get yet apparently, the terror gangs do exist and form exhibit strong bonds that ensures that they operate in the way they desire.
Some parts of the world especially Italy- Sicily and the United States of America, have experienced serious issues with the state and rate of crime within some parts of their nations. There seams to be well organized groups of criminal gangs that unleash terror and criminal acts against the masses and from the look of it, these groups may as well remain in operation for unknown periods apparently due to their careful organization. The crimes are operated in the circles of drug dealing where massive amounts of money are made, and other criminal acts like counterfeiting currencies and extortion. These and other forms of crimes have been perpetuated in the said areas by an outlawed secret society known as the Mafia.
The mafia is a criminal society that is also know ...
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