Extradition within the United Kingdom

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Extradition within the United Kingdom is governed both by EU and UK based law. The general provisions are covered in the Extradition Act and the rest are covered through treaties between the US and others. The essay shall focus on the Act, cases that have applied to it and opinion on overall matters shall be made.


To extradite means to return a criminal suspect into his country of origin or in a country in which he is to face trial. Suspects have the right to waive extradition in that they may choose to wilfully go back to the country in which the charges are pending. In certain circumstances the country in which the suspect has fled to may opt not to extradite the individual if they feel that the warranty for prosecution is not valid enough. (UK Parliament, 2000)
Since extradition is governed by international laws, then most countries have entered into treaties to determine how suspects may be treated. Some countries may opt not to extradite persons that have been charged with serious crimes. In other circumstances, some countries may be specific about the extradition of persons who have committed serious crimes. In other scenarios, certain countries may have very complicated procedures for extradition and this may eventually lead to legal hurdles for the country conducting the trial. Certain countries such as Canada may not allow extradition if it is found that the suspect is likely to face the death penalty. Usually between the United Kingdom and other states contain information about extraditable offenses, conditions to waive extradition, conditions of entry into the country and what could lead to termination of extradition.
In the United Kingdom (or a ...
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