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By means of comparison, the legal systems in Europe, South America, or even Africa differ widely from one national border to another (Ahmed 7). By means of contrast in comparison, the similarity and practice of Islamic law within the nations of the Middle East helps to create something of a stable judicial platform through which individuals, both in society, and directly involved in jurisprudence/representation, can come to understand the expectations of a system that is represented in more or less the same manner within a litany of different cultures and geographic. Naturally, this is not to say that Islamic law is identical between the nations in question. In fact, the situation when one seeks to compare Islamic law in Yemen as compared to Islamic law in Jordan is one in which few similarities exist; however, the overarching similarity is a belief in a religion that comes from the same ...
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One does not need to look very far in order to notice that a great deal of instability within the Middle East is the direct result of the conflict that execs between different branches of Islam. However, rather than recognizing the division that Islam represents as synonymous…
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