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Case study business law Name Instructor Course Date Part A Q1: Can Bob supermarket insist that Charles pays for the milk tins that he has damaged under the law of contracts? Discuss specifically issues related to the display of goods and capacity. Issues: Was there an adequate notification as regards the viewing of the items on display and the subsequent course of action in case damage was caused?


For an adequate notice, all that is important is reasonable steps be taken b the proferens in bringing the exemption clause’s contents and existence to the notice of the individual that the clause is to be used against before or even during the time that the contract is entered into. When we take a look at the Balmain New Ferry Co v Robertson case, we find that it is without doubt that the requirement can be fulfilled by b the placement of the exemption’s terms on a notably displayed sign which would possible be seen by any normal or reasonable individual before or even during the time that they enter into the contract. A good case in instance is, Thomas v Shoe Lane Parking Ltd. Application: The board at the supermarket which had the readings ‘Nice to look at, Good to hold on, once broken considered sold,’ acts as a binding contract between Charles and the Bob Supermarket. It is clear that the supermarket met all the requirements to take care of its items and the clients as well. The clients or and any other person entering the supermarket is well made aware of the rules within the supermarket and any possible consequences once they are broken. ...
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