What were the major factors in the establishment of the American colonies?

What were the major factors in the establishment of the American colonies? Research Paper example
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World history has seen a lot of timelines. The prominence of some of the timelines made it extremely difficult for anyone to believe that such moments in world history would ever pass away but eventually, these moments of great history passed.


The same phenomenon about world history makes the future of the social world quite unpredictable. For instance it is quite difficult to predict whether technology would eventually fade off to give room for a new kind of world and social history. One prominent moment in history is undeniably the formation of colonies. According to People Hofstra (2001), an 18th century definition of a colony has been given as “a settlement in a new territory under the political and economic control of its parent country. Usually the settlers conquered and either dominated or replaced local peoples.”1 Most commonly, colonies were established as a means of expanding the territorial powers of kingdoms and nations. It was not surprising therefore that major nations of the world would in the 1700s go every extent and to every length of the world to capture weaker components of the world and lord themselves over as colonial masters. One of such prominent colonization was the colonization of America by the English2. Events leading to this all important moment in world history have left historians with a lot of studies into what the probable factors that accounted for the establishment of the American colonies were. Historians also discuss the relevance of these factors and how they eventually imparted on the eventual colonies that came into existence. ...
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