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Comparison of Scripting Languages

They are categorized into scientific concerned and general purpose scripting languages. Examples of scientific based one are Matlab and Octave while those of general purpose are python and Perl. However, we are going to compare and contrast Matlab, Python, and Octave scripting languages by analyzing. According to Chapman, Matlab is a computer program enhanced to perform scientific and engineering calculations (2008). It started as a program to calculate matrix mathematics but with time, it improved to a malleable calculating program capable of resolvingbasically any technical difficult. Python is a dynamically, securely, and powerfully typed language. Python offers the clean and easy word order of the prevalent scientific calculating environments, grounded on your preferredhigh-performance FORTRAN, C, and C++ codes (Langtangen, 2008). While Octave is software, same as Matlab that has a well-matched scripting interface. However, Octave image processing purposes are not as broad as those provided by Matlab. Python, Matlab, and Octave scripting languages have many things in common. They have no affirmation of variables, and simple and suitable word order that make them easy to use ad to learn. In addition, they easily go together with GUIs, simulation, and visualization. ...
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Comparison of Scripting Languages Name Instructor Task Date Scripting languages are methods of programming languages that are typically interpreted but not compiled. They are mostly written to enable features of web sites, tolerate fast advance, and can link simply with other programs written in other languages (Milano, 2010)…
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