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Urbanization: economic stratification

The Industrial Revolution that began in 1700 has transformed the population, culture, and the geographical use of space as the world evolved to accommodate new forms of agriculture and was spurred by the growing ability to manufacture and consume. Along the way, several innovations and inventions contributed to the revolution that made it possible, if not mandatory, for people to reside in highly concentrated areas that became the hub of industrialization and commerce.By 1950 these urban areas had matured and aged into the modern model of urbanization. Along with the restructuring of the geography, the social and political structure was also transformed. "Urbanization is a two-way process because it involves not only movement from village to cities and change from agricultural occupation to business, trade, service and profession but it also involves change in the migrants attitudes, beliefs, values and behavior patterns (Urban growth and urbanization, 2006). While immigrants from Ireland, Germany, Italy, and Poland came together with the freed slaves to form large urban areas, they often failed to assimilate into a homogeneous group. In fact, the different cultural groups remained isolated and formed interdependent neighborhoods that were built around their specific ethnic or cultural needs. It is tempting to view the urban areas as the victims of cultural bias or racial prejudice. However, all these urban areas also had the issue of economics in common. ...
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The Industrial Revolution that began in 1700 has transformed the population, culture, and the geographical use of space as the world evolved to accommodate new forms of agriculture and was spurred by the growing ability to manufacture and consume…
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