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How to attract Saudi Pharmacists to work with Privet Sector in Saudi Arabia - Dissertation Example

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This consultancy project aims to give recommendations for Novartis – Saudi Arabia on how it can attract Saudi pharmacists to work as medical representatives in the company…

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How to attract Saudi Pharmacists to work with Privet Sector in Saudi Arabia

Results from these surveys were subjected to an in-depth analysis using relevant literature on Human Resource Management, specifically on job promotion and recruitment strategies.
The research revealed that there were shared perception and misconception among respondents about the medical representative work, which include: 1.) Medical representatives are being paid less, 2. Government work is a good ‘training ground’ for pharmacists 3.) Medical representative work is a tough and stressful job, 4.) Medical representative is a low status work, and 5.) The job is easier in the government.
In response to this, mixed strategies such as employee referrals, internet recruitment, advertising, and building partnerships with universities were recommended to improve the company image and address the common perception about medical representative jobs. Emphasis was also given in crafting the job promotional messages to properly communicate with prospective employees. Lastly, the role of Novartis’ human resource team in implementing this strategic recruitment plan was deemed to be crucial in order for the company to successfully attain its Saudization goal. ...
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