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Case Study example - Zeal Optics analyze

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Case Study
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Zeal Optics is a company owned by Michael and wink Jackson, which deals with the production and sale of fashionable, ski goggles and high- performance sunglasses. The products then are sold through retailers located in different parts of the country as well as via the Internet…

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To realize this, the company has to overcome some particular limitations that may come in the way of realizing this dream. Some of these challenges include how to raise the growth capital, improve marketing in the social media and how to expand its distribution among optical stores and sports retailers. For this reason, they invited some Fortune Small Business experts to help them plan the way forward.
The first challenge that the Jacksons have to deal with is that of distribution. How best to expand their distribution network to more optical stores and sports retailers around the country. The company has immensely benefited from the network that it already has with sports and fitness companies. These partnerships have helped achieve the high performance despite the current domination by the top three brands that own about 70% of the market; Oakley, Mar and Smith and Costal del. With the expansion of the distribution centers, it is possible to reach a larger audience across the country (Gilson and Altman). It will also improve the discoverability of the items being sold by retailers. Zeal has also established links with some professional athletes that have served as Zeal spokespeople. Independent sales reps handle other outdoor-gear accounts that Zeal has made use of in the past. However as Scott Jaeger (a senior analyst at Leisure Trends Group) observed, the company has the potential to open up to 2,500 retail doors across the country. He also emphasized the fact that is of paramount importance to maintain a close relationship with the sales reps as they to ensure that they are carrying out their duties as required. Scott also proposes that the Jacksons consider focusing on the products that had the best sale values. The view comes from the fact that Zeal Optics had achieved a 86% sales growth in goggles, a product that that, in general, was down by 14%. The ...
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