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Student Name xxxxxx Student No. 12345 Management REPORT AND PROJECT PLAN Professor: ABC University of XYZ Department of LMN 26 April, 2013 (Total words: 2395) Table of Contents Contents Page No Executive Summary 03 Task 1: Vertical Integration Structure 04 Objectives 04 Constraints 05 Plan 05 Task 2: Integrated Information Technology System 07 Objectives and Benefits 07 Constraints 08 Plan 08 Task 3: Leadership and HRM 11 Objectives 12 Constraints 12 Plan 13 Appendix-I: Gantt Chart 15 Bibliography 16 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In recent years, Pipework has faced numbers of failures in different sectors which include reducing the overall revenue, desertion of employees, customers’ rejection trend in


Due to numbers of internal and external problems and issues, the company’s Board of Directors has decided to overhaul the whole company in all aspects. The board is aimed to formulate a plan to bring revolutionary changes in the working and operational environment of the company. Spector (2010), states that managers are generally more responsible to carry out such kind of revolutionary plans. The detailed report of this project plan is summarized in the form of Gantt chart prepared by Microsoft Office Project as Appendix-I. ...
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