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Table of Contents 1.0External Audit of Starbucks; PESTLE Analysis: 3 2.0SWOT Analysis 7 3.0 Defining Marketing Objectives: 9 4.0 Marketing Strategies: 10 5.0 Marketing Programs: 12 References 13 1.0 External Audit of Starbucks; PESTLE Analysis: ISSUE IMPACT ON BUSINESS Political No threat to Government or democracy Armed Forces expected to pull out of Afghanistan No trade restrictions globally Provides a confident investment opportunity in the business and helps it grow.


Less money to use by the consumers. This leads to less business for the company. Might result in lowering costs which would earn lesser profit for the company. Social Population size increasing Conscious attitudes towards obesity More number of consumers means more sales which mean more business. Less fat consumption leads to fewer sales of pastries reducing business. Some health researches indicate bad effects of coffee. This also damages business. Technological Easy-cook kettles for domestic and office use State-of-the-art technology where the company is based Clients shifting to making their own coffee which is bad for the business. Company can easily benefit from it to increase production if required. Legislative No registered cases against the company Legislation allows it to expand its business No legal issue is good for the company as it means all energies can be concentrated towards production, supply and profit. Good for the company. Environmental No natural disasters recently Stable weather patterns No crops damaged so beans and other raw materials are of good quality and provided well in time. This is essential for coffee business. No disasters predicted means smooth business. ...
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