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Business Proposal of Implementing Supply Chain Management Along With Order Fulfillment Legacy Technology System Prepared By: Submitted To: Date of Submission: Executive Summary During this period where economic crisis are being witnessed globally, there is an urgent need for a firm to consider alternative ways of ensuring long-term sustainability.


An effective system of production management is sufficient to make a company stand out. This report provides effective and efficient ways of handling the production activities of the firm so as to ensure its financial strength and enhanced earnings. Table of Contents CHAPTER 1 4 1.1Problem Statement/ Opportunity 4 1.2Scope of the Report 4 1.3Background 5 1.3.1Legacy Technology 5 1.3.2Customer Satisfaction 5 2.1Proposed Solution: Supply Chain Management 6 2.2Cost of the Project 6 2.3Adequacy of Funds 9 2.4Project Benefits 11 2.4.1Estimated Annual Savings 11 2.4.2Just in Time and Lean Operations Usage 13 2.5Management of Inventory 14 2.6Work Cells Vs. Straight line Method 15 2.7Continuous Improvement Program 16 The main objective of the organisation has always been to achieve total quality management throughout the organisation. Therefore, every new project is sufficiently scrutinized with the aim of establishing the impact it has on the rest of the organisation. To achieve total quality management with the new project, employees will be adequately empowered through training, constant feedback and engagement in the implementation of the supply chain management to ensure maximum contribution from them. ...
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