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Marketing Strategies Abstract Phil Company Limited aims to establish itself strongly in the electronic industry, both in the local as well as international market. It wants to increase its present market share in the electronic industry. For this purpose Phil has been employing the best available marketing agencies.


It also highlights how Phil addresses the gaps that are present in products provided and customer expectations. Table of Content Executive Summary of the Marketing Plan 5 Company Introduction 5 Mission Statement 6 Branding 6 Pricing 8 Distribution Plan 10 Integrated Marketing Communication 11 Customer Satisfaction Plan 11 Marketing strategies 12 SWOT 13 Strength 14 Opportunity 14 Differentiation strategy 15 Be a leader of follower 15 Macro Environmental Issues 16 Significant Business Trends 16 Marketing Plan 17 Reference 21 Executive Summary of the Marketing Plan Phil has been planning to expand its business. Africa is having the maximum demand for electronic goods in the world so Phil has been planning to set up its base in this area. Phil is planning to launch both low as well as medium end phones in this market. Along with providing goods according to the requirement, Phil has been providing variety of services. Effective after sale services and repairs will help in the expansion of the company. The basic market plan is to produce only those goods that are of high demand. Provide good after sale services so that it can gather some loyal customers who would stick to the brand for a long time. The requirements of different markets are different so Phil has carried out an effective research of each product. The aim of the company is to become a market leader in future. ...
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