Integrated Marketing Communications Plan for Virgin Atlantic

Integrated Marketing Communications Plan for Virgin Atlantic Essay example
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Virgin Atlantic Airways Limited runs under the name of Virgin Atlantic. It is a British based airline which is currently owned by the Virgin Group and the Singapore Airlines.The percentage share in the company is 49 % and 51% respectively for both companies.


The company’s headquarters are present in Crawley, West Sussex in England. The airline is enroute between a lot of countries and regions of the globe. It covers the United Kingdom, North America, and the Caribbean region, Africa, the Middle East, Asian Countries and Australia. Its bases are at the London Gatwick Airport and the London Heathrow Airport. The airline uses both Airbus and Boeing’s wide bodied aircrafts. A unique thing about these airlines is that it doesn’t operate for short-haul services. Its shortest route is from London to Accra. By the year 2010, this airline was home to above 5 million passengers. It is currently the eighth largest airline in UK based on the number of passengers it caters too. Its turnover in the same year was above 2000 million pounds. (Parker et all : 2001) SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS Demographic: The type of customers Virgin Atlantic Airways caters to vary across different status, genders and age. Most of its travelers are business and leisure travelers. Children above 5 years old are allowed to travel on the airline. For those kids who are younger than 5 years, should be accompanied by their guardians or parents. The company also has the policy of accepting trained pets on their flights provided that they are there to carter after a disabled person, for instance a blind person. ...
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