ITALIAN WINE IN CHINA: Understand Chinese wine market and consumers

ITALIAN WINE IN CHINA:  Understand Chinese wine market and consumers Literature review example
Literature review
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In discussing about the origin of wine in China, the researcher needs to open the pages of history books that providing a very in-depth overview of Chinese literature and culture that was existent in the early times.


Because of this technological transformation, the world has been slowly and steadily converted in to a single well connected entity which promotes seamless and barrier free communication and interconnectivity to various places and markets around the world. It needs to be stated that the barrier free global communication has greatly helped in the evolution of various kinds of globalization trends that gets generated from various markets around the world, which are located in both the developing as well as the developed economies. In most cases, it was felt that the rise of globalization trends help in increasing consumer’s awareness for products and services that are available in the various foreign markets. Also, it has been noticed that the globalization trends play a tremendous influence in the process of setting a new trend in regards to consumer behaviour in a completely new market that might be located in either the developing or the developed countries. These new trend in a particular market often triggers a significant amount of consumer demand for various new and innovative kinds of products and services, thereby creating the opportunity for various organization located in different markets around the world to engage in cross border business activities. ...
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