Branding, Pricing, and Distribution

Branding, Pricing, and Distribution Assignment example
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Branding, Pricing and Distribution First name, last name Subject Professor Submission Date Branding, Pricing and Distribution In today’s highly globalized market and with a product, Fizzi Cola that is aimed at the international rather than just a domestic market, the product branding strategy would have to be the same for both the global and domestic market.


It is important or the branding strategy in one country or market is the same in terms of content and message delivery each and every time (Cooper, 2010). The strategy will include having themes that are immediately adaptable to each and every economy and those that do not easily translate in certain economies should be dropped. The last thing you want for example is a branding strategy that ridicules the culture of one country or whose meaning contrasts with that of another culture. The branding strategy that will be adopted by Fizz Cola will also link strongly to the business model on which the product’s sales and marketing philosophy is built. This ensures that marketing the brand will go hand in hand in marketing the brand’s business model, which leads to a more sustainable and sustained customer following (VanAuken, 2007). The branding strategy should also include the use of borderless media such as social media to ensure that the product message reaches all and also to leverage scales of economy in marketing and distribution. The use of social media can also be incorporated into the branding strategy, thus making the users or consumers of the product co-creators. ...
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