How to promote /market the Information and communication technology (ICT) Policies - Research Paper Example

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How to promote /market the Information and communication technology (ICT) Policies

Then the technological invention made them speeded up the communication with the digital technology. The new inventions in the communication and technology are grouped into three categories: • Telecommunication technologies - telephones (with the fax system) and television and radio broadcasting which are often done through satellites. • Use of computers in Information technology has become crucial in the modern societies for processing of data and thus save effort and time. • Networking technologies includes internet which is the best source of information and also the best way of communication. Further network communication includes the mobile phone technology, satellite communication, Voice over IP technology (VOIP) and other forms of technology. The new technologies have become very important part of the society and people are using it at every second of their life. The use of ICT is very crucial for the large and small industries as well as the government. It is important for the industries to understand the ICT policy that are set by the government or the ruling authority. The Research Paper elaborates the promotion process of the ICT policies. ...
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Marketing Table of Contents Introduction 3 Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Policies 4 Promotion of ICT Policies 5 Benefits of the promotion of the ICT policies 7 Implementation of the Government ministries and Institutions 8 Conclusion 10 Works Cited 11 Name of the Student: Name of the Professor: Course Number: Date of the Paper: Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Introduction Information and communication are regarded as the integral part of human society…
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