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Marketing Research - Marlboro Cigarettes - Total Number of Words: 2,699 Introduction PM USA is the number one cigarette manufacturer in the United States (Borio, 2012). In order to grab the biggest market shares in the cigarette manufacturing industry, PM USA was able to establish at least four other best-selling cigarette brands such as Parliament, Virginia Slims, Basic, and L&M (Cigarette Zoom, 2012; Source Watch, 2012; Toll & Ling, 2005).


Since the company was able to successfully establish a strong cigarette brand, a lot of cigarette smokers are patronizing the brand regardless of gender, race, social status, and nationality (Philip Morris USA, 2012). Despite the serious economic slow growth in the United States, smokers continue to purchase Marlboro cigarettes in exchange for a premium price (Waldemer, 2012). In line with this, this particular market research study will focus on determining the significance of having a strong brand with the continuous patronage of its customers to the brand. Purpose of the Research Study Conducting a market research project is a significant part of a successful marketing study (Caporella, 2012; Hamel, 2012). For this reason, this research study will purposely design a research survey questionnaire that uses open-ended, closed-ended, scaled responses (i.e. ...
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