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Reflective Essay Introduction The company chosen for reflective essay on service encounter is British Airways. In terms of fleet size, British Airways is the largest airline in United Kingdom. The airline company caters to more than 170 destinations around the globe.


Flowchart A. Flowchart of front-end operations of British Airways B. Back end operations of British Airways Significance of service encounter Service encounter can also be described as the moment of truth. Service encounter happens when a customer comes in contact with the product or service of a company. It can also be defined as the consumer touch point. In an airline industry there are many service encounters. Starting from information seeking for flights to exit from the destination, a customer is exposed to numerous customer touch points. These touch points can be categorized into front end and back end. Booking and order taking The process of service encounter starts when a customer is seeking information through various sources. These sources can be telephonic assistance, online websites and customer services. In this case it is very important that the market established effective and easy means of communication so that information search will be easy and user friendly. In order to make the customer decision making process in favour of the company it is crucial to have an effective advertisement strategy. This strategy should include the product features, benefits and services provided by the brand. Searching and booking through online websites is becoming a popular trend in the recent years (Gillen and Morrison, 2005). ...
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