Creating and Marketing a new product.

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Creating and Marketing a new product Customer Inserts His/Her Name Customer Inserts Grade Course Customer Inserts Tutor’s Name (19, June, 2012) Introduction Technology has developed greatly in the past few decades so much so that our lives are now dependent on it.


But on the other hand complications have also increased as we try to understand and use each of the gadgets separately. It is from these complications that we have identified a new need of getting everything available to users in a single device. The product we have come up is called ‘E-Wall’ which will help users of technology manage everything from a single place using a single device. In this report we will talk in detail about the product, marketing plan and strategy, business strategy, and operations. We will also discuss how we will establish it as a legal entity and protect the innovation from being copied by any company. We will also establish the target market of the proposed product. E-Wall E-Wall is an electronic wall that will act as a screen. This screen will display everything that a person needs to carry out his or her daily technology related operations. The screen will serve as a laptop, television, cell phone etc for users. Basically everything users want will be displayed on the E-Wall and users will be able to control it through a tablet. This tablet will serve as a key board for users which they will use to change icons on the wall. The aim of the technology is to bring everything together in one place so that users can easily access it. The device will also save space as it will be placed on the wall. Only a small server will be attached to the screen to feed data into the wall. ...
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