Preliminary Organizational Analysis

Preliminary Organizational Analysis Assignment example
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Preliminary Organizational Analysis [Student’s Name] [Course Title] [Instructor’s Name] [Date] Introduction Organizations operating at large level usually find it difficult to maintain consistency in executing its strategic plans. These lapses in execution of strategic plans indicate a lack of efficiency in controlling overall operations of the business.


The reason for selecting TransAD’s case study is that I am working as a Communication Manager at TransAD since 2007, and I have a keen eye on the issues prevailing in the operational systems of the company. Introduction to the Organization TransAD came into existence in 2006 with the vision of setting benchmarks in taxi regulatory industry of Abu Dhabi according to global standards. TansAD was inaugurated by His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan. TransAD believes on establishing corporate loyalty amongst its customers by providing them comfortable taxi services at their door step. At the same time, the objective of the company is to regulate the taxi traffic in Emriates of Abu Dhabi. Previously, the taxi services provided in Abu Dhabi were owned by private owners as well as taxi service providers. Now, these companies have merged into one and named as TransAD (The Center of Regulations by Hire Cars). The primary aim of establishing TransAD was to bring uniformity in the taxi operations, policies and regulations (TransAD, 2013). At the moment, the company is facing many issues from strategic and operational point of view. ...
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