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Entrepreneurship: Personality and Venture Management This report discusses the profile of a young entrepreneur who runs a retail business of corporate and casual shirts for men. The business has been running since 2008. It was started as an online business but has grown into two retail locations today.


This is followed by the factors contributing to the planned start-up business and the subsequent running and management of the venture. Influence of Personal Background The interview with the entrepreneur revealed that he is the only child of his parents. As a result, his parents were very attentive to his upbringing. According to Veciana (2007, p. 55), family context and childhood are among the basic factors affecting the decision to create a firm. As he belongs to a developing country, his parents gave utmost importance to his education. He was home-schooled for a year before joining kindergarten. The entrepreneur believes that during this time, he was taught by his parents as well as a home tutor. His father, in particular, often took him along to several parts of the city that he had to visit in the course of business. In this way, he got exposed to various trades from a very early age. His father is probably the very first role model that inspired him to become an entrepreneur. He owned a textile business and the entrepreneur would spend a few hours in the day with his father at the shop. This fits in with Shane’s (2010, p. 149) statement that children of entrepreneurs are more likely to become entrepreneurs themselves. ...
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