inofrmation technology applications in marketing

inofrmation technology applications in marketing Essay example
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1. One of the fundamental shifts that has taken place over the past several years is with respect to the impact and manner through which search engine optimization is able to field a further level of more effective marketing towards the potential consumer.


Ultimately, the actual search terms that are most likely to be used with regards to the product offered have been utilized as the sole determinant of constructing these localized SEO parameters. From a cursory overview of, it is patently obvious that SEO has not been engaged to a proper degree as the website does not accrue a high ranking on the pages returned even for the terms that can be considered as key words for this local search. As a means of ensuring that SEO was at a maximal level, it would be necessary to engage in a three step process that would include: increasing prominence, preventing crawling, and increasing the level of indexing. Of all of these three strategies, increasing indexing would likely be the one that this student would recommend due to the fact that the current level of indexing that is reference by is practically non-existent. As such, this would be one of the SEO tactics that could be engaged at relatively low cost and return a much higher level of traffic over time. Regardless of the strategy that is used, an understanding of the consumer and the habits that drive them will need to be taken into account prior to any SEO taking place. Another key aspect with regards to SEO is with respect to the fact that mobile applications have fundamentally altered the way in which SEO is performed. ...
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