Marketing: Please see to order description for question and instruction

Marketing: Please see to order description for question and instruction Essay example
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Marketing for Nike - Questions Question A Marketing, as a concept, has been clearly described by the American Marketing Association. The above organization has developed three definitions of marketing, aiming to align marketing with the social and economic changes developed worldwide.


In 2005 another definition of marketing was developed by AMA. The new definition highlighted the importance of customer value and the quality of communication between the organization and its customers (Ferrell 2012). In 2007 the definition of marketing had to be changed, again, in order to cover a broader audience: the new definition of marketing focuses on the value not just of customers but also ‘of partners and of society at large’ (Ferrell 2012, p.7). In this definition the issue of corporate social responsibility is emphasized (Ferrell 2012). At this point, the need for aligning marketing practices with ethics is made clear. At this point, the application of the above definitions of marketing for NIKE should be explored. NIKE has based its marketing strategy on the needs of its customers (Mourdoukoutas 2012). From this point of view, the organization’s marketing strategy is aligned with the first definition of marketing, as developed by AMA. Another characteristic of NIKE’s marketing strategy is the importance given to the communication with customers. This fact is made clear, for example, in NIKE’s ‘She Runs The Night’ campaign which was introduced by NIKE in order to improve the communication of the organization with ‘its female customers’ (Marketing 2013). ...
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