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Factors Of Influence On Retail Trade

Whilst Tesco has issues in almost each part of its operations, its greatest competitor Sainsbury's revealed an advanced move towards growth in sales by the means of “quality and service” (Gottdiener, 1998). Sainsbury successfully exchanged blows with its rivals like Asda and Tesco. Justin King, the chief executive of the firm stated that the success of Sainsbury primarily rooted from its excellent service quality and from the superior quality self-brand products. The firm has strongly protested against the "Price Promise" ad program of Tesco. According to Sainsbury, The program receives the consumers since it proves to be a failure in pointing out that the firm's own-label brands have original standards or excellent ethical benchmarks. Sainsbury's claim had been supported by "ethical trading accreditation bodies" namely the RSPCA's Freedom Food proposal, the Marine Stewardship Council and the Fair-trade (Butler and Rankin, 2013). According to Justin King, fundamentally most of the customers visiting the supermarkets prefer to opt for discount stores like Lidl and Aldi, and these stores have been experiencing remarkable growth for the past years. However, in spite of offering goods at discounted prices, Lidl and Aldi failed to beat the superior service provided by Sainsbury's. The in-house labels of the retailer like “By Sainsbury's” and “Taste the Difference” developed at a rate that is two times the rate of the external brands since the customers always find ways for saving money. ...
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The report "Factors Of Influence On Retail Trade" analyzes the effect of environmental factors on the retail industry as a whole. Sainsbury’s have been chosen for the purpose as it holds the 30th position in the global ranking of retail industry “Kantar Retail Top 50 Retailer Rankings”…
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