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(UGB321) Individual Paper STUDENT’S NAME STUDENT’S REGISTRATION NUMBER MODULE LEADER: ALAN CHARLESWORTH Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Basic Idea of E-Marketing 3 KL Accountants Business Need for E-Marketing Strategy 4 New Business Idea for KL Accountants Business 5 E-Marketing Tools for KL Accountants Business 6 KL Accountants Strategy Development Lifecycle 6 Stage # 1: Online Research 7 Stage # 2: Data Analysis 7 Stage # 3: Strategy Development 7 Stage # 4: Monitoring Performance 8 KL Accountants Business E-Marketing Strategies 8 KL Accountants Business E-Marketing Strategy 9 Step 1: Formulating Business Services 10 Step 2: Developing Business Website (KLAccountant


Since the day when the first business deal took place, no matter what it was that they initially bought or sold, but business marketing was there. Additionally, the business marketing was the main tool they utilized to motivate other people to do business. However, humans have taken a lot of time to use it perfectly, as well as marketing has too. In addition, with the passage of time, tools and techniques of business marketing have changed and further improved as well as people have become more organized at explaining their ideas and receiving their marketing messages out there. In this scenario, internet or e-marketing is a latest emerging trend in marketing field. It is the process of creating a link between contemporary information and communication technologies and the traditional marketing ideologies that business people have for all time applied (Quirk, 2011). ...
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