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Case Study: TATA Company Analyse how Tata’s culture as described in graham (2010). Exhibit 16 influences, their mission vision and objectives. TATA seems to be following a unique business culture. While most of their competitors are concentrating on expansion of their companies using the profits, TATA seems to be more interested in doing charity works using the profits they earned.


Graham (2010) pointed out that “TATA’s business structure includes 11 charitable trusts that together earn 66% of TATA Sons and that are intimately involved in its governance. (Family members own only 3%)”(Graham, 2010, p.8). No other company in the world may have the same reputation as TATA has as far as social service is concerned. TATA is currently funding many social service activities such as clean water deliver, literacy, prenatal care etc. Moreover Indian Institute of Science, Tata institute of fundamental research, the national center for performing arts, Tata memorial hospitals, etc are founded or supported by the TATA group (Graham, 2010, p.8). In fact TATA is spending a substantial portion of their business profits for charity activities. Because of the huge attention given to social activities, members of TATA family are comparatively poorer than their business counterparts in India. In 2009, TATA spent $ 159 million for social service activities (Graham, 2010, p.8). TATA believes that community support is the most important requirement for a business group to sustain its growth. ...
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