Marketing in the Media 2013

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Marketing in the Media 2013: Blue Buffalo Commercials Course code Candidate number Marketing in the Media 2013: Blue Buffalo commercials Introduction Blue Buffalo, a popular pet food manufacturing company in the United States started an advertisement Champaign for their dog food to show the superiority of the brand compared to other brands.


Everybody wants the best for their pet, which in most cases receive as much attention as their loved ones. In fact, to some, they are their only source of companionship. Therefore, people want the best for their best friends, and the best way of doing this is by feeding them on the best quality food available. This is the marketing strategy that Blue Buffalo had when it launched the campaign series. Uploaded videos are short, directly addressing the main aim of the advertisement, which is showing the advantages of using Blue Buffalo food over other brands. Blue buffalo advertisement is not just an ordinary advertisement; it incorporates creativity, emotional appeal, engages the customers, and assures them of quality and results. Additionally, it is daring and convincing, especially by challenging the customers to take a test of their brand quality. Relevance of the advertisement Advertising is the manner in which producers of either goods or services seek to convince the public to purchase their goods or services, or sell their ideas to the people in order to make a sale. Marketing on the other hand is the act of communicating the value of an idea, good or service to a particular target audience in order to make a sale. ...
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