Analysis on a Marketing News Story which was published in 2013

Analysis on a Marketing News Story which was published in 2013 Essay example
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Online Marketing Trends in 2014 Name Institution Online Marketing Trends in 2014 Jayson Demers is the author of the article, “The top seven online marketing trends that will dominate 2014.” The article was published on 17th September 2013. The editorial discusses the new online tools and strategies of marketing that firms are adopting that could dominate the approach to marketing next year.


This means that in 2014, organizations that do not employ effective marketing techniques may fail to sell their goods because of inefficient communication. According to Demers (2013), social media and mobile usage has increased in the society, signalling that customers are developing preferences for goods that are advertised on these devices. Kurtz (2013) also argues that the high usage of social media is influencing purchase patterns meaning that the assumption may be applicable; although there is need for further research to test whether this tenet is applicable in real life. Consumer behaviour is also monitored through online techniques such as advertisement tracking, which traces sites that are preferred by numerous internet users. The author has analyzed each online marketing technique while stating how it is perceived and preferred, and the value it creates to consumers and marketers. Consumer Behavior and Corporate Communication Demers (2013) analysed the increase in the usage of the World Wide Web and found out that it may guarantee large market shares for products that are advertised through the internet. ...
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