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Marketing Report for Nestle’s Breakfast Cereal Division Introduction In the studies conducted by Clancy (1995), he stated that the common myth in the field of marketing is that it is the child or children within a household who normally influence the kind of product and even the brand that is going to be bought for household use.


This myth or common assumption in the field of marketing has largely contributed to low focus on the market segment of the over 50s in terms of personalized products, services, and marketing campaigns. By overlooking this particular market segment, it means that most companies are unable to diversify, increase their market share, and overall revenues because they are not tapping the opportunity presented by this market segment. This present paper is a briefing paper prepared from the standpoint of the Marketing Director of Nestle breakfast cereal division for the United Kingdom. This briefing paper will outline the key elements of a marketing strategy that is designed to target the market segment of the over 50s. The outline will entail the market opportunities, product strategy, and the next steps that should be undertaken before drawing up a formal marketing plan. ...
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