Managing Stress in the Workplace

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Managing Stress in the Workplace Name University Instructor Course Date Managing stress in the workplace Introduction The work environment is characterized by a number of activities, demands and occurrences, which exerts a lot of pressure on the employees due to the high expectation placed on them.


Persistent stress in an individual is reflected on the behaviors, responses, result delivery and attitude towards different people within an organization. It is characterized by continued headache, fatigue, lack of motivation to work and deliver severe withdrawal symptoms and depression (Leka, 2003). A number of workplace events create stressful employees and this reduces the overall productivity of the employees as they exhibit severe depression and lack of motivation to work on particular assignments. Stress is caused by time-constrained events, high expectation from the employer, family and relationship problems, job security and related issues and unrealistic deadlines imposed by supervisor. It is worth noting that despite the desire by a company to achieve its objectives within a specified period, the employees are overall responsible for the implementation of the policy and they are psychological beings. Pressure increases the urgency of delivering on a specific assignment but also decreases the productivity as the employees are forced to deal with both job related stress and psychological stress because of the pressures from the employees (Lee, 2000). Stress management at the work place has been given significant time in current management practices at is affects the overall productivity of the business. ...
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